What goes around comes around

WGACA is a novel about faith, friendship, family values, love and trust. The story presents an account of endearing love between a husband and a wife, everlasting family ties between a father and son and true friendship between young friends that lasts long. The narration that spans three generations rebuilds your faith in true human values. The emotional quotient is high, though most of the female characters are poorly developed.

The book’s major twists and turns comes from Peter’s journey from childhood to adulthood. This is clearly a character driven plot and the incidents driving the intentions of the characters is elucidated with depth, though too many of the characters create confusion and chaos right at the start of the narrative.

No doubt, it celebrates the triumph of the human spirit but the whole way of taking the narrative forward is melodramatic and tad unrealistic. The climax is quite predictable and if you are a regular reader of fiction, you would probably guess it way in advance. It becomes a struggle to end the book and that’s where as a reader you will let down by the laziness in writing. Also, the words of wisdom provided every now and then is not at all unique and add to preachiness quotient of the book.

The language is lucid and crisp that keeps the flow of the story soft and subtle as the author carefully handles even situations like death with placidness and tenderness. A well-written story that draws one in a little bit at a time; however, there are few editorial issues that are overly distracting and will make you feel disappointed. Read it because at least it tries to be different.

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