Thirty Year Old Virgin (2012)

Before i actually start the review i want to ask — what does a writer wants when he write a book? Let us make it simple. As per me, a writer has a thought — mostly, interesting enough which if applied, can make way for a detailed narrative with sufficient twists and turns to keep the readers engaged. But what if you find that scenes are just lifted from popular, mainstream Bollywood and Hollywood films with no effort being made in even tinkering with the dialogues. Well, Thirty year Old Virgin is one such instance!

There is nothing wrong with being ‘inspired’ by movies and writing a story based on it. Most of the books which are coming out are doing the same and it can be ‘forgiven’ if done interestingly enough to keep the readers engaged and hooked. ‘Thirty year old virgin’ by Ankit Uttam does not even try to do this. All the author has managed is string events from the popular format movies, put them in a IIM-and-MNC setting and give us this piece of literature.

The first 80 odd pages of the book is set in IIM-A where the girl and the boy get into this relationship of fringe benefits. Fair enough, this concept even though cliche and exploited multiple times can be read if done interestingly. Instead what we get are the scenes and dialogues literally lifted from Will Gluck’s romantic comedy starring Justin TimberLake and Mila Kunis released last year. I mean really dude, what is this?

That half a mark for having the guts to publish such a book and hoping that no one will notice it!

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