Not wanting Madhuri had started drifting with the song, stretching and reraching out for the remote of the Television with her right hand to switch it off. The song “Baby don’t leave me, I remember all the memories-I remember the name…that was calling my name-stary with me Baby-when the lights go down I am drowning-please help me I know one day you will feel the same-baby when the lights go down…,” had started casting its musical, magical spell making her unknowingly feel the words and getting emotionally entangled in them……..

That was one moment when Rohan lost his sanity. All his life he had craved for love. His Ma, Shilpi, Radhika and now Madhuri..” No now I am not going to lose Madhuri. Love has always played hide and seek with me but now it is time for me to snatch love from life. And something reverberated in his mind-unknown voice-”Go Rohan Go..If you don’t snatch now then never-never Rohan-Never-You’ll never get the love of Go get the power-get your love-It is your love Rohan-Yours! This time don’t let greed overrule true love-don’t let sex subjugate the timid! Go snatch it or else again the demons will snatch from you!” The voice was constantly creating havoc on hi senses……

Exploring the life of its main protagonist Rohan, through the various ladies in his life, the novel alienates the readers by cramming in too much to digest in one go. It doesn’t help that the author uses analeptic references all through the novel to tell the narrative, allowing very little time for readers to invest into these characters or their emotions.However, the author neatly checks off all the concepts of love, lust and sex across various strata of society. The pace is fast and there is a sense of urgency which is prevalent all through.

Any reader who is looking for any kind of newness are surely like to be disappointed. The language lacks subtlety and most of the lines feels overwritten and laboured, both at the same time. Even though it is commendable that the author tries to bring in certain taboo topic of Indian society including sexual perversion, but it is mostly done in such off-coloured and heavy handed language that i failed to recognize the real need for having those particular plot-points. You can’t have a sub-plot inserted just because it makes the book a masala, filmy-kind entertaining book. It is criminal and IMHO, the biggest flaw.

If you can get pass these flaws and looking for a light, easy read, this could well be your Sunday read. Reading this book is like being to your favourite pub to have a good time but returning home with a muddled mind. Give it a chance if you are a fan of exploring old wine in the old bottle.

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