Notes on ‘Urban Shots — The Love Collection’

With 31 stories contributed by 27 authors, Urban Shots — The Love Collection is an interesting anthology of short stories that traverse’s the magnitude of love and will make you smile once in a while as you read on since there’s a lot you’ll be able to relate to- not because you’ve been in similar situations but because love is cuts across all barriers of location, culture, language and gender!

Ira Trivedi’s ‘In Love With A Stranger’ talks about a bride’s conflicting emotions on her wedding day. Lipi Mehta’s ‘Twisted’ on the other hand tells us how love is equally strong among gay lovers. ‘A Good Day’ by Richa. S. Chatterjee is the tale of a young married couple whose feelings for each other are rekindled after a rather devastating experience. ’32 B’ by Varsha Suman had an undertone of lust and was an entertaining read. ‘Pause, Rewind, Play’ by Shoma Narayanan question the acceptance of homosexuality in India.

My personal favourite, however is ‘Sahana or Shamim’, written by Sangeeta Bandyopadhay and translated by Arunava Sinha. It takes an unusual fetish and turn it on its head by roping in a love story across a suffocated marriage. Along with this, ‘The Jhalmuri Seller’ by Bhabani Shankar Kar and ‘Sleepless in Night’ by Mona Ramavat create genuine pathos and a credibility that is hard to ignore. Some of the dispappointing ones, though comes from the senior writers — ‘Coffee?’ and ‘Rishta’ by Ahmed Faiyaz are predictable and you can guess the climax from the word go.

Overall, the anthology has most of the areas covered as far as emotion of love is concerned. Read it on a day when your romantic hormones are in an over drive and you are bound to enjoy it even more. You will like it, just don’t keep your expectations too high.


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Amit Kumar Gupta

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