Because everyone is a little sad inside….

Everyone is a little sad inside…. the melancholy pulping within, the dilly-dallying of the emotional upsurges, the bouts of anxiety creeping periodically. All sounds fading away to a dull roar, mixed together; all images moving away to a fading vision, muted together.That humongous monster of black bile always throbbing in the throat, even in the best moments of triumph is actually an uncompromisable beast gradually eating into your peace. We have all mastered to hide our true feelings, oblivious to the person with which we are communicating our thoughts. An obnoxious world is brewing inside, where the egos are turning into super-inflated monsters, where the real emotions are trapped with materialistic ambitions, where the feelings are instantly crushed with the unvindictive stance.

We all need attention, period. There is no problem in craving for it, except that it does not have any upper limit which in turn makes life more complex than we ever imagine it to be. Is there any end of asking for more fame, more virtual ‘friends’ you can be in touch, more acquaintances than you can handle in your life? I doubt it, instead everything has been replaced with a non-chalant attitude of ‘I-don’t-care’ or worse, with all those F-or-S-or-both words slinging through our verbal continuum. There are dreams of hatred more than love, there are reasons to kill more than live, there are dark nights more than the sunny days. Because everyone is a little sad inside.

Many people say that bringing changes in your life fade away the curled up sadness. You know, I really doubt it. If not anything else, changes creates more confusion to the existing state of mind. Changes disrupt the natural way of enhancing the curiosity value about someone or something. Imagination is far more important than knowledge to remove that maudlin sensibilities around you. The feeling of trying your level best even when the chips are down, the guts exhibited when you want to show the world your true worth, the passion of throwing away the luxuries of life in THAT tough phase brings home a feeling of success. This may change away the realities of life, but it also brings in more cosmetic changes to suit your sensibilities. And again it starts a vicious circle of evaluating your self worth where you have to suck up to own something of your own. This will happen, and will always happen, trust me. Because everyone is a little sad inside.


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Amit Kumar Gupta

Writes for the love of Books, Movies, Music & Cricket. He opines that best investment ideas are often cracked by being on the road.