Memories are just not an individual’s ability to retain and recall information, it is much more than that. Memories stuck for a lifetime, they drag you for a lifetime. Whatever you attempt to do to de -attach yourself, they always comes back to you in the most unexpected form. They may make you sad, happy, gloomy or crabby, but they will make sure to leave their silent footprints on your subconsciousness. Memories allow you to rejoice in other people’s good fortunes, yet they withdraw you from your own fortunes. Memories are sometimes like eating your favourite dish with a bucketful of salt, pepper and chilly powder; yet memories are like providing a permanence of an ice cube in the desert of loneliness.

Memories are like ghost stories, they scare you, they excite you, they beat the hell out of you. They come silently in your mind, without any pretensions or provocations.They bring out the emotional vulnerability inside you, they bring a new personality outside to others. Memories help you in pushing your inner limits, it test the predefined and rigid boundaries in your life. Memories open the new avenues of love, it also close down the old illusions of lust. Memories provide you with an inner peace of mind, it also provide the outbursts of excruciation. Memories are the one which can provide the most ecstatic, euphoric, overwhelming joys of life…yet, memories are the one which can kill you with their unabashed, brazen, and sullen innuendos.

Memories are like pins in the voodoo doll, killing you slowly, sucking your blood gradually. They are not just interceding by the supreme human affairs…but are ruled by the unknown, unwanted and unjustified spirits. Memories form the foundation of self love or for that matter love in any relationship. Memories are the single ego boosting device, yet the most soul destroying advice. Memories are the pre-requisite of loving each other, yet memories become the anti-requisite for loving oneself. Memories provides with the self confidence unswerving by the outside events and opinions, yet they are the one who destroy the inner soul’s effects and sentiments.

Memories are like bi-bitches, moving to and fro to both sexes…guided only by germane emotions, sounding like a fake orgasm when uttered…full of fierce tonality and executed with forward velocity. Memories are a true interaction with one’s soul…one of the most fearfully feral variety, one which noshes under the spirit, one which nibbles away at your courage, one which spits out scraps of fear, regret and sadness. Memories are like climaxing the subtle sweetness down your throat, yet don’t stop slinging till its too bitter. Memories are the stolen snippets of silence, yet they are the most boisterous trail blazers rapped in the pathetic, pretentious pap. Memories are like a brutish beast seeking nourishment in the province of your head and heart, yet memories are the torch bearers for a peaceful and colorful society.

In the end, Memories are what is left after something happens, yet does not completely unhappen….

Writes for the love of Books, Movies, Music & Cricket. He opines that best investment ideas are often cracked by being on the road.