Dasvidaniya (2008)

It stars Vinay pathak as a 37 year old simpleton Amar Kaul, who lives with his mother (obsessed of watching TV) in a small apartment. He is unmarried, shy and on the top of it — has a nasty boss in Sourabh Shukla who hardly watches while eating and scolding him. On a routine visit to the doctor, it is revealed that he is suffering from stomach cancer and does not have much time to live by. Thus begins a ‘bucket-list’ kind of journey where he decides to live his remaining life by completing 10 wishes. An old ‘Anand’ like concept, but it surely brought a lump in my throat. It is heartbreaking, ironic and humorous in equal proportions. Many interesting characters come across in this journey, some of which stay with you long after you have finished watching it. My personal favourite is the incident with Neha Dhupia, with whom Amar was in love but never confessed. When he meets her, she is married with a beautiful daughter and an ideal husband. But at the end of the day, before leaving her — he confesses love without any words. Excellent cameos by Gaurav Ghera and Ranvir shorey adds to the teary tale and makes you feel the irony of life. A poignant story, which touches all the right chords at the right time in your heart.


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Amit Kumar Gupta

Writes for the love of Books, Movies, Music & Cricket. He opines that best investment ideas are often cracked by being on the road.