Best of 2020 in movies/web-series (English)

  1. I may destroy you (Hotstar)
  2. The Queen’s Gambit (Netflix)
  3. The Comey Rule (Voot Select)
  4. The Undoing (Hotstar)
  5. I know this much is true (Hotstar)
  1. The Social Dilemma (Netflix)
  2. McMillions (Hotstar)
  3. American Murder Next Door (Netflix)
  4. Athelete A (Netflix)
  5. The Last Dance (Netflix)
  1. Parasite (Amazon prime)
  2. 1917 (Sony Liv)
  3. The Trial of Chicago7 (Netflix)
  4. Sound of Metal(Amazon Prime)
  5. Mank (Netflix)



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Amit Kumar Gupta

Amit Kumar Gupta

Writes for the love of Books, Movies, Music & Cricket. He opines that best investment ideas are often cracked by being on the road.